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Most of honest-to-goodness real estate agents profit wildly from their real estate websites; however, there are a number of representatives who work without one and lose out big-time. Whether you’re running your own real estate corporation, or working in one right now, a real estate website can be a great way to attract new clients by giving them valuable information and a way to contact you.

If you don’t know why you need a website, keep in mind that when people need aid in selling their existing house or to acquire a brand-new one, real estate agents are trained professionals that people go to. The problem is, you’re not always available to answer all their questions because your busy (which is why you’re a top agent). Your website on the other hand, is always available 24/7 365 days a year. Not only does it help you prospects through the content, you can also it to use to help your customers develop a sense of trust with you, without them having to take any proactive action in reaching out. A website lowers the barrier for them and helps them develop a sense of what you’re about without making direct contact. This might no seem like a big deal, but it is, the reason is because people don’t want to do deals with people they don’t know. Just because they heard about you, doesn’t mean they’re going to buy from you or even consider meeting you, because to them, you’re a total stranger. However, they will go to your website to learn more about you.

A great website will offer them valuable insight as to why they should work with you over any other realtor in the local market. After all, its useless to just get them to your website and not do a great job in conveying your value to them through creating great content.

These are just a few of the reasons as to why you’d want to get a website if you are a realtor and why you should consider making a real estate site if you don’t have one. Just remember, when making a site there are a few choices you should consider.

1.You can develop your own site by hiring someone or creating it yourself, this website would be separate from one that’s tied to your brokerage website. It may be costly if you’re paying someone else to do it. However, its worth the price paid as the return can be insanely high provided it gets you visitors who turn into customers.

Here’s a great video showing you how to create a website all on your own. It will take more time, but save you money.

2.Stick to the page given to you by the brokerage. If you do not want to incur the extra expense of creating your own site, you can simply create a page on your brokerages site with your contact details and have your customers go there. A derivative of this is creating a page on a third-party platform like Wix or what-not.

3.Bonus tip:To get more visitors to your page, you can put link on pages like about me, facebook, twitter. Like the guy who owns Shawn Dhesi realtor, you can create an about me page or any other page that shares your contact information.

In summary, this article lets you know about the main reasons as to why you would want a website. At this point, it should be a no-brainer that if you don’t have a website up right now, you’re losing money to the competitors who do.

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